Redec Group, established in 1996, is a leading provider of commercial and industrial painting services.

Our services include abrasive blasting, asbestos removal, removal and disposal of bituminous waste, concrete rehabilitation and building refurbishments.

We are the only contractor in Africa with preferred status from most leading paint manufacturers. We understand our African environment and business climate – and work in other African countries, in addition to South Africa.

Our quality is trusted because every project is done with hands-on pride – supervision from top management isn’t down, it’s up. It is about an involved work ethic where everyone takes pride –and we have earned our reputation as one of the best because we provide quality on scale. This is fundamental, especially on large-scale contracts. You can’t afford a redo when all the paint starts peeling off a massive high-rise or the corrosion-proofing along the entire length of your pipe-line hasn’t been properly done – or you’ve just waterproofed the roof of your shopping complex, and there is still a leak.

We are the preferred industrial service provider to many blue-chip companies – and our clients come back to us for more because our people know what they are doing. It’s down to the pride of someone swinging from an access rope rig to make sure every square inch is covered, just right.

It’s why we have become highly respected – especially for industrial and specialised corrosion protection for structural steel, tanks and pipelines in the petrochemical, marine and mining environments where corrosion can be very costly and even fatal.

We understand products and our responsibility – offering a five to fifteen-year guarantee on work done and materials used. We are specialists in asbestos removal. We are known for commercial building refurbishments, property alterations and upgrades, reliable large-scale water-proofing and roofing and commercial painting. We are experts in massive epoxy floor applications for warehousing and factories – and trusted providers for heavy-duty maintenance for marine vessels; including fire-proofing, corrosion protection and coatings for oil-intensive structures such as off-shore rigs, and petroleum storage tanks.