August 3, 2020

Build it Together with the SEKTA Group.

To us, SEKTA means industry. We have always been interested in growth through strong industry and are committed to the idea that people are the key component to long-term success. We believe cooperation is a driving force and follow this philosophy in every aspect of our business, from the men on the ground all the way up to the CEO, collaboration and inclusion creates excellence. 

Anything is possible when we work together in harmony and there is no room for discrimination in vision. We know that bringing unique perspectives together to solve problems and innovate is where real development happens, and that’s why the SEKTA Group is 51% black female owned. Our B-BBEE status is a point of pride for us. The collective SEKTA story involves every person within the SEKTA Group, all working together for a common goal - the upliftment of the African continent and all her people.

Our experience working collaboratively within industries spans decades and enables us to get the necessary work done safely and successfully. SEKTA’s combined, co-ordinated and cohesive operations, highly specialised and spanning over a large variety of industries, all contribute to national growth and development.

Together we share experience, develop potential and create stability. Together we have the will, the skills and equipment that our industries, our economy and our nation need to continue flourishing for generations to come.

Our journey is inspired by our people. At SEKTA our aim is to continue growing, continue learning and continue sharing a vision of what’s possible if we come together for the shared goal of development and prosperity.