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South Africa and Beyond

Our approach is about shared experience and how to ensure our industries and continent continues to develop.

Instead of explaining to our clients, we prefer to show them. We get people out of their pin-stripe suits and into our contisuits. Often, we literally walk our client’s through the job. By putting them in our boots, we create understanding of scope and scale of the project so we can determine value; cost can be realistically negotiated; results have more determination because they can be properly achieved in time and in budget.  We share knowledge. We are transparent. We believe in a concentrated, co-ordinated, more cohesive effort – to be cost effective; to be more productive; to be progressive; to not create more opportunities and more jobs, but also more secure jobs, by seeking contracts that are longer and renewable, across a broader scope of good quality industrial services. We aim to be a force in South Africa, our region and across the African continent – and to make our operations globally competitive too.

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