To be more industrious
Our Philosophy

Strength through cooperation to be more industrious is our philosophy.

Sekta is an industrial services group. Our alliance reflects the maturity of our society and a genuine understanding of our role in providing services that critical industries and core business depend upon. We have the will, the skills and equipment – that our industries, our economy and our nation needs to continue developing its strengths.

We know the dark hours of the night-shift.

We know the reward of standing back, looking back and looking up with pride – and saying, ‘we did that.’ We are passionate about always being busy. Now is the time to focus our efforts, to unite our abilities – and that is why we have come together. Our combined, co-ordinated and cohesive operations can create more stability in the service of industries that are pivotal to national growth – and the development of our African continent.

We hate desks.  

We prefer to get people who pay our contracts out of their world and into ours… before they decide how much we are worth. It takes grit and a healthy respect for grime to appreciate what we really do – so we like to put decision makers in our boots, literally; get them out of their pin-stripe suits and into our contisuits.  We walk people through the job because shared experiences, make expectations realistic; less difference in understanding makes for a stronger bond; better cooperation; more cohesion; more co-ordination – makes for cost-effective effort.

We can say more – or we can do more.

We want to do more. Working in cooperation, we can develop opportunities; create not only more jobs, but more secure jobs, through contracts that are renewable and worthwhile. So that equipment does stand idle, so people aren’t left waiting around, missing out on an ability to earn and gain the wealth of knowledge that comes with experience. Together, we can get on with it – be more productive, more industrious – because when we’re working, our people are earning; our equipment is being put to productive use; our industries and businesses are being well-serviced and that means our country and our continent is working.

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