To be more industrious
Our Philosophy

Be more industrious

Everyone has a role to play

We recognise our role in society, as an industrial services group, in providing services to critical industries and core businesses that the people of Africa depend upon. As Sekta, we have the will, the skills and equipment that industries, the economy and the nation need to continue developing its strengths.

The power of partnership

We seek to unlock value through the power of enduring partnerships, through identifying synergies and opportunities for value creation through collaboration. By combining strengths and expertise, we create something greater than the sum of our parts, together redefining possibilities and achieving remarkable results that go beyond the bounds of expectation. 

Dedicated to delivery

At our core, we're dedicated to delivering excellence. We don't just want our clients to understand our value; we want them to experience it first-hand. That's why we believe in immersing decision-makers in our world before they assess our worth. It's about more than just putting on a hard-hat and spending some time on site - it's about stepping into our shoes and gaining a deep appreciation for what we do. 

Sustainable solutions

Building our business isn't just about making money—it comes down to survival, plain and simple. And for us, survival means more than just profits. It means investing in our people, fuelling their growth and development because they're the backbone of our operation. They’re our people, but more than that, they’re the people who make this country great. They go home to their families, and their communities – they’re the ones who are building our country each and every day. Survival means giving back to our communities, not just because it's good PR, but because it's essential for our long-term success. And it means being mindful of our environmental impact, and assisting our partners with solutions to tread more lightly on the earth, too. We're in it for the long haul, for our people, our communities, and our planet

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