September 3, 2020

Introduction of TMS Group Industrial Services

Proudly one of the founding members of the SEKTA Group, TMS Group Industrial Services brings
with it a wealth of experience and knowledge, collected throughout its 22 years of diligent and
professional service.

Working in the energy, petro-chemical, oil & gas, marine, mining, manufacturing and construction
sectors, TMS Group Industrial Services has been at the forefront of providing quality industrial
maintenance, shutdown and other support services to many critical and core industries.

Our services include, amongst others, access scaffolding, insulation, coatings, high pressure cleaning,
vacuumation, catalyst handling, asbestos removal, cold cutting, chemical cleaning, and tank desludging.
At TMS Group Industrial Services we’re all about people – ours and yours. We embrace the notion that
kindness is greatness, and a happy and supported workforce is a reliable and effective one.

At TMS Group Industrial services we frequently support our staff with various interventions. These
included the likes of sessions with a culture specialist which involved around 250 employees developing
TMS’s Unwritten Ground Rules, support for our staff in the form food supplies during times of crisis,
recognition braais, neuro-based safety training for Senior Managers and Supervisors and annual
conferences for management.

We firmly believe in state-of-the-art equipment for cutting edge services and impeccable work – which
means we greatly mitigate any incident risk. We’re experts when it comes to understanding not only the
scope but the intricacies of every job, and what is required to get it right the very first time. Looking after
the environment and the people who work in it is our top priority, and our ISO accreditation for
Integrated Management Systems is proof of that.

We truly live our ‘serve safely’ motto. Our passionate and highly trained staff is ready to take on anything
– for our clients, our people, our country, and our continent.