October 5, 2020


Established in 1996, the Redec group has grown familiar with the African environment and business climate, across numerous disciplines. 

We provide service in concrete rehabilitation and repairs, Epoxy floor coatings, fireproofing, corrosion protection and coating, marine, rope access and tank cleaning / waste removal and disposal.


Plant configuration and restricted work areas can sometimes make access a nightmare.

We provide additional access solutions to ensure any impact on customer operations are kept to a minimum. Our rope access services include inspections, abrasive blasting, UHP blasting, painting, and concrete rehabilitation and repairs.


Our clients have come to trust our quality and expertise because we are an incredibly proud workforce which supports a hardworking culture. We have earned our reputation because we provide quality on scale. 

The reliability and versatility of our machinery/equipment is a key part of how we deliver on our projects and continuously satisfy our clients. 

Our people know what they are doing. The size of our contracts rest on the size of the hearts of our people. It’s why we have become highly respected – especially for industrial and specialised corrosion protection work on structural steel, tanks and pipelines in the petrochemical, mining, marine and other environments.

We also pride ourselves in large scale epoxy and other specialized flooring applications for warehousing and factories. We are the trusted provider for heavy-duty maintenance on marine vessels; including fireproofing and work on oil-intensive structures such as off-shore rigs.

We are experts in concrete rehabilitation with the added benefit of in-house structural engineering expertise. We prioritize programs such as occupational health and safety training through Samtrac and the SACPCMP training for safety officers.